Regulatory Webinar

18 Jauary by Merck
On January 18:th Merck invites you to the webinar "Identifying Appropriate-Quality Pharmaceutical Raw Materials in an Evolving Regulatory Environment". During the webinar you will among other things learn strategies to support identification, selection, and risk assessment of raw materials throughout the manufacturing process, appropriate quality...

Medtech seminar

January 23, Stockholm
During our first seminar for the year we explore "Medtech plastic details - a guided tour from idea to product launch". Plastic based medtech products, prolong, improve and save lives in a unique way. There are however a number of aspects to consider, and pitfalls to navigate around on the way from product idea ...

Life Science industry map

Interactive map to find companies in the Stockholm-Uppsalaregion
Find Life Science companies
The life science industry map of the Stockholm-Uppsala region presents life science companies on a scalable map linked to a powerful search tool to display companies in specific categories.

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