Tools of Science

Speed up your work by using Tools of Science to identify competences not available or lacking in house in order to reach your research and business goals. Use the search function to find services or information which suits your current needs. Service providers and resources in Sweden from early pre-clinical research to post market activities are available.

The gateway relies on two pillars; academic core facilities and industrial resources providing you with both services and people along the entire value chain.

Please contact us with suggestions, ideas, listing of your core facility/company or proposals for improving Tools of Science.


Below are a short description of the menus available.

Core facilities

Core facilities are knowledge, equipment and services available at the universities to other researchers and in many cases also to companies. Core facilities listed on Tools of Science originates from Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska University Hospital, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Uppsala University or Uppsala University Hospital. The core facility offerings range from partial or complete services and can be used by other research groups based on a fixed fee and most of the facilities are also open for industrial collaborations which is indicated on their profile. Others provide state of the art equipment to other scientists, however, in many cases you must first show relevant skills to use the equipment.

Other core facilities offer a specific technique and are mainly interested in collaboration projects with other scientists, or may provide you with technical and/or theoretical advice in specific areas. In addition some facilities offer courses and workshops that may help you design your own experiments using the facility/resource in question.

Service companies

Lists companies in Sweden offering services to the life science industry and to academic researchers within life science and range from laboratory intense services such as synthesis, analytical chemistry, bio-analysis, experimental models as well as administrative services such as legal, intellectual property rights, regulatory, recruiting and more. The service companies have product developing companies within life science and/or academic life science researchers as customers. Both contract research companies and service companies are included, as long as they have personnel dedicated to and specialised in life science.

Funding resources

Funding resources gathers companies and organisations providing financial and business support to researchers and companies.

Support resources

Lists supporting organisations such as trade,- and governmental organizations.

SME Toolbox

Additional information of interest for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME´s) are also compiled on the site relating to match-making sites, research projects, funding, guidelines and more.

News and Events

Core facilities and Premium companies can and are encouraged to publish news and events on the site, in addition interesting news and events for the users are also listed under this heading.


In order to stimulate collaboration and innovation and an improved health-care in society, Tools of Science was developed in 2006. The Tools of Science platform was initiated by researchers from both industry and academia and it is run by Stockholm Science City Foundation. The gateway brings together and displays research competence and advanced technologies from Karolinska Institutet, Karolinska University Hospital, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital, as well as knowledge-intense services from companies from all over Sweden in the life science sector.


Tools of Science is owned and maintained by Stockholm Science City Foundation which is commissioned by the three leading universities Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University as well as the Cities of Stockholm and Solna, the Stockholm County Council and the business sector.