Albanova Nano-fabrication facility

Albanova Nano-fabrication facility

We provide the academic research community in the Stockholm area with very versatile nano fabrication techniques.


This lab is a joint facility for nanometer scale fabrication and metrology which is used by several research groups in the Stockholm area. The laboratory was established through equipment grants from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation totalling 40 M Sek. We are the sole provider to the academic research community in the Stockholm area of Electron beam writing for nano fabrication. A new facility with four AFM/SPM was established during 2013.

We offer

  • Nano and micro scale fabrication, imaging and metrology
  • Joint laboratory facilities, broad user spectrum
  • Graduate students and post docs are users
  • Low overhead costs, flexible lab environment for exploratory reserach


Our equipment is listed below:

  • SEM and e-beam writer, Raith 150 with FBMS
  • Dual beam system, Focused Ion Beam and SEM, Nova 200
  • AFM / Scanning Probe Microscope (Bruker/Veeco Multimode)
  • SPM/AFM for large samples/wafers (Bruker Icon)
  • SPM/AFM, high speed (Bruker FastScan)
  • SPM/AFM w. inverted optical microscope, biological samples, fluorescent labelling (JPK Nanowizard)
  • SPM/AFM high speed (JPK Nanowizard 3 Ultraspeed)
  • Surface profilometer, KLA Tencor P-15
  • Reactive Ion Etch system PlasmaLab 80 plus, process gases Ar, O2.
  • Reactive Ion Etch system PlasmaLab 80 plus, process gases BCl3, Cl2.
  • Reactive Ion Etch system PlasmaLab 100, process gases CHF3, CF4, SF6, Cl2, Ar, O2, Helium backside cooling
  • Mask aligner, Karl Süss MJB3
  • Cannon Projection mask aligner, 3 inch
  • Eurovac UHV sputtering and e-gun deposition system
  • Edwards e-gun deposition system
  • Multi target sputter system (AJA Orion)
  • Digital wire bonder
  • 5 laminar flow benches, 3 ventilated
  • Nikon Microscope, Eclipse ME600, DIC, DF, with video-rate CCD-camera
  • Nikon Microscope, Eclipse ME600, DIC, DF, with 5 Mpix hi-res camera
  • Fluorescence microscope with cooled high sensitivity CCD camera
  • Nikon Stereoscope, SMZ - 2T
  • Resist spinner
  • Hotplate for baking resists
  • Clean water facilities
  • Carbon coater
  • Evacuated oven

Practical information

KTH Applied physics and SU physics jointly run this facility located in AlbaNova University Center.

There are about 50 active users from several departments at KTH and SU. If you are interested in access, please contact Prof. David Haviland (Director) or Dr. Anders Liljeborg (Lab Manager).

Interested in Industry collaboration
Department of Applied Physics
KTH Applied Physics, AlbaNova University Center
106 91 Stockholm