APL (Apotek Produktion & Laboratorier AB)

APL (Apotek Produktion & Laboratorier AB)

APL is a leading Scandinavian contract manufacturer within the Life science sector with resources for development, manufacturing and analysis of pharmaceuticals. APL is also one of Europe's largest manufacturers of extemporaneous pharmaceuticals. APL has an annual turnover of about 150 M€ and 550 employees at four production facilities in Sweden and also at preparation units at hospitals. APL contributes to pharmaceuticals which improve and save lives.


APL offers its expertise and services throughout the value chain of product development. As a competent and proactive partner, we support our clients throughout the product development value chain – from preclinical development to commercial manufacturing of finished products. We have the experience, knowledge and resources to guide and assist our clients – established companies as well as start-ups. APL supports a wide range of clients, from large global pharmaceutical companies to small enterprises.

Assurance of quality

  • Full cGMP compliant manufacturing
  • A QA system covering all activities in the development process
  • Regularly inspected by MPA, FDA and customers CQA



APL offers wide range of services in commonly used dosage forms.

Contract manufacturing

With over 30 years of experience of GMP manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, both small molecules and proteins, APL is able to support most customers. Therefore, both large and small companies come to work with APL for contract manufacturing of products in many different dosage forms. Many of our clients are involved in the development and manufacturing of orphan drugs for rare diseases.

APL’s flexibility and commitment are part of our strengths besides cost efficient manufacturing. With our four manufacturing sites with modern equipment we are able to support our clients with contract manufacturing.

Our contract manufacturing includes commonly used dosage forms, for example:

  • pre-filled syringes
  • injection vials
  • ampoules
  • semi-solids
  • oral and topical liquids
  • capsules

Development and manufacturing of clinical trial material (CTM)

Whether you are a global big-pharma or a small biotech, APL understands your needs and have the competence and experience to meet your expectations. APL can develop your process and analytical method needed for the CTM as well as manufacture the product and placebos for clinical trials.

We also assist our clients in all activities related to preparing CTM, such as planning, randomizing, coding, packaging and labeling. Our highly qualified scientists include formulation development experts and analytical chemists with highly specialized skills. APL provides a project manager who makes sure that the development work is performed in close collaboration and with the special needs in focus.

With an increased focus on personalised medicines and preventive therapies APL also collaborate with innovative companies that develop new dosage forms and formulations for controlled release. By providing new dosage forms and formulations APL brings added value to the product and convenience to the patient.

Analytical services

APL’s services include high competence, long experience and extensive resources for a broad range of chemical and microbiological analyses. We have broad experience of working with different analytical services and our operations comprise both specially adapted premises and staff with cutting edge competence in chemistry and microbiology.

The analytical services are also offered as a stand alone service.

Practical information

For more information please see the APL Life Science Booklet or visit www.apl.se.

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141 75 Stockholm
+46 (0)10 447 96 00