BioBanking and Molecular Resource Infrastructure of Sweden (BBMRI)

BioBanking and Molecular Resource Infrastructure of Sweden (BBMRI) will optimize techniques for analysis of stored samples and IT-systems for biobanking. We will ensure that the large amounts of data have uniformity and high quality, and that they are easily accessible for research. We will also thoroughly research the ethical, legal and social aspects of biobanking.


The Swedish biobanking infrastructure ( will be one of the largest biobank initiatives in the world. It will place Sweden in a leading position in the development of new and effective techniques for biobanking, and strengthen Swedish medical research, health care and industry. Included in's tasks is to create a strategy for long-term biobank funding, providing maximum value for funders and society.

Infrastructure/Methods is a facility that offers storage and analysis services to the custodians of sample collections. will also provide support in related areas, such as data management and study design.

Assurance of quality

Current legislation provides a good protection of the personal integrity, both through the Biobanks Act (2002:297), the Patient Data Act (2008:355) and the Personal Data Act (1998:204). All samples are coded. No research results will be linked to any particular individual.

Modern medical research is increasingly using international collaboration, where it is a requirement that samples and related information are collected using international standards that make collaborative studies based on many different collections world-wide possible. Both peer-reviewed journals and funding agencies have increasing demands on documentation of the quality of materials used in science. Such documentation should be in agreement with internationally recognized quality standards. is pursuing an active and internationally established research & development activity within all the major areas where cutting edge competence is needed for successful and cost-efficient biobanking: ethics, quality assurance, standards, sample management, sample refinement, automation and logistics, sample analysis, data management, registry linkages, accessibility and biostatistics. Development of internationally competitive tools and knowledge would be very difficult and costly for individual universities or research groups.

Samples and data must be collected in a standardized manner and the sample collection has to conform to fundamental requirements on quality and accessibility. is happy to assist on these issues. The customer must also be able to pay the fee for the services.

Practical information

The large scale of our operations results in low prices, high quality and efficient services.

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