Centre for Cell Analysis, CCA

Centre for Cell Analysis, CCA

The aim of the Centre for Cell Analysis (CCA) is to provide scientists with high quality service in cell sorting, flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy.


The Centre for Cell Analysis (CCA) is situated at Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge, at the Department of Clinical Pathology and Cytology, F41. CCA provides high speed cell sorting, flow cytometric, magnetic sorting and microscopy-based fluorescent cell analysis to basic and clinical research scientists within and outside the South Campus area. Investigators have access to a well equipped facility with high level personal support to help them in live cell analysis, cell sorting and fluorescence microscopy.


The centre houses a cell sorting instruments, including a high speed flow cytometr/ cell sorter (FACSAria) with mulitispectral analysis capacity and an AutoMACS system for magnetic bead-based cell sorting. We perform cell analysis of already prepared samples and assist researchers in the analysis of primary data. At CCA we also offer fluorescence microscopic analysis of living cells. Furthermore we provide consulting on the methodologies and the experimental design for cell sorting and cell analysis.

Practical information

We have a fixed price list. Please contact us for further information.

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