CLICK – Center for Live Imaging of Cells at Karolinska Institutet

CLICK – Center for Live Imaging of Cells at Karolinska Institutet

The CLICK light microscopy core facility at Karolinska Institutet offers access (for academic or industrial researchers) to advanced microscopy systems and image analysis workstations. We have confocal and widefield fluorescence microscopes, live cell systems, two-photon microscopes and several analysis software.


CLICK is the core facility for light microscopy at Karolinska Institutet and is located at Solna Campus. We offer access to advanced microscopy systems for academic or industrial researchers, after an intitial system specific introductory training and registration. The systems we offer are confocal-, widefield and two-photon microscopes, plus several image analysis software on offline workstations.


Please visit our website for a detailed description of the microscopy imaging systems we offer access to, at

Practical information

To use our systems you need to register at CLICK and participate in a system specific introductory training, usually 3h long. After successful training you can book the system online and use it 24/7 (but following our booking rules). We practice a user fee based on how many hours the systems are booked and we charge for the introduction and registration. For updated information about user rules and fees, please visit our website at

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