e-learning platform internationalisation

e-learning platform internationalisation

eLSi – an e-learning platform to support your internationalisation

The e-learning platform eLSi provides a free interactive platform with online resources for eight high growth countries; USA, Brazil, India, China, Middel East, Eastern, Korea, Japan.

Access the tools here

eLSi-Moodle contains all materials produced and serves as a reference library. It is organized into five sections with links, documents, and movies.

eLSi-eFront is a training tool in which a sample of the material has been selected. The advantage is that you can graze the material a little at a time at your own pace, in the form of short courses.

Background and more details

The life science sector has never been so global and there is an increasing need for international collaborations and entering high growth markets outside Europe. This new deal requires a good understanding of the life science and healthcare sectors in the target countries and specific intercultural business skills.
The new e-learning platform eLSi addresses these needs by providing a free interactive platform with online resources for eight high growth countries.
Each country package on the platform can be consulted independently and does not require more than 10 minutes for an overview of the topics.

Here you will find:
·      Insight reports on the life science sector and its regulation
·      Maps with life science hot spots of the target country
·      Legal guidelines and key contacts
·      Videos from industry and intercultural business experts
·      Links for further reading

How does it work? 

The material for the target markets is available in two types of online tools: eLSi-Moodle and eLSi-eFront. Both tools are completely free and based on the free platforms Moodle and eFront. All you have to do to get access is to register on each platform. Please note that at this stage you must register separately for each tool. 

eLSi was developed within the eLSI-project, a European "Transfer of Innovation" project, financially supported by the European Commission within the Leonardo da Vinci programme.