Electrum Laboratory

Electrum Laboratory

The Electrum Laboratory constitutes a world-class resource for nano and microfabrication, with applications in any field where miniaturisation is required, such as electronics, medicine and biochemistry. The Electrum Laboratory is an open environment providing a meeting place for companies and researchers from different disciplines with activities ranging form speculative science to device prototypes and pilot production.


The Electrum Laboratory constitutes a world-class resource for education, research, development and small scale production in micro and nano fabrication with focus on devices. Nano and microfabrication techniques have its applications in any field where miniaturisation is required. Minimally invasive techniques by micro machined devises offer new and indulgent opportunities in surgical, diagnostic or therapeutic treatments. In biomedicine and chemistry the need for controlled handling of small amounts of liquids are met by microfluidic devices, where fluids are handled on a microscale.

The Electrum Laboratory offers a fully equipped cleanroom laboratory with complete process lines for manufacturing electronic, photonic and microsystems devices, for a wide range of applications, and state-of-the-art laboratories for advanced materials and device characterization. We also offer access to sophisticated software for device simulation and design. The Electrum Laboratory is an open environment providing a meeting place for companies and researchers from different disciplines with activities ranging form speculative science to device prototypes and pilot production. The Laboratory is extensively used by graduate students and also offers unique laboratory training for undergraduate students.

The Electrum Laboratory is operated by KTH in collaboration with Acreo - the leading Swedish research institute in microelectronics and optics and offers you the chance to realize your unique ideas in our highly flexible and dynamic environment. We offer ready access to processes and characterization equipment, our highly skilled staff provide process and development services, and you are invited to rent detached laboratory space where you could place your own specialized equipment, and simultaneously gain access to our full range of highly competitive processes and services.

Research and Development

The laboratory environment is extremely flexible. The activities are centred around our core of research and development groups. These world-leading groups have created major breakthroughs within their fields by inventing, designing, and manufacturing novel devices. Ground-breaking processes are developed and established for both research and small scale production.



Numerous spin-offs are generated from our research and development groups. The start-up companies have further matured in our incubator, where they have ready access to our well established and highly reliable processes as well as to our enabling development facilities for both production and further improvement of their products.


In our laboratory environment we have the unique opportunity to create and present advanced courses in state-of-the-art nano and microfabrication technologies, advanced characterization techniques and modern device design for both undergraduate and graduate students.


The cleanroom laboratory for device manufacturing is our core facility, which maintains the ultimate infrastructure for nano and microfabrication processes. The process lines combine high reproducibility with extreme flexibility and comprise all the necessary steps for manufacturing a wide range of electronic, photonic and microsystems devices in silicon, and silicon-germanium, and in many compound semiconductor materials, e.g., gallium-arsenide, indium-phosphide, gallium-nitride, and silicon-carbide.

We offer a world class facility for growth of crystal structures in all mentioned materials systems, which together with high resolution steppers and laser beam lithography ensure extremely accurate control of both vertical and lateral dimensions. In addition we provide a wide range of tools for precision etching, together with reliable and flexible processes for the deposition of dielectrics and polymers, metallization, anneal and chip handling.

Our characterization laboratories cover all techniques necessary to characterize the wide range of materials and devices handled in the process lines.

We offer conventional optic and electron microscopy. State-of-the-art x-ray characterization gives accurate information of crystal lattices and structures. Atomic composition and chemical properties are determined through highly sensitive analysis of ion masses and electron energies. Various scanning probe techniques – some of them unique – provide electric, atomic and optic information down to nanometer scale. Optical measurements are performed over a broad spectral range and ultra fast processes are studied.

Devices are characterized by advanced electrical testing up to extremely high frequencies and high powers at voltages and current ranges covering orders of magnitude. Highly accurate capacitance and noise measurements are performed. Optoelectronic devices, including light emitting diodes, lasers and detectors are readily characterized with respect to wavelength, high frequency response, output power and efficiency.

Micro Systems Technology - Mechanics on a very small scale

Our resources within microsystems or microelectromechanical systems are at your disposal. Through innovative design and pioneering process development the groups at Electrum Laboratory master microsystems technology. It represents a link between conventional microelectronics and the fields of medical and biotechnology, providing advanced sensors, analysis solutions and probes. Additional applications are found in the fields of optotechnology for data and telecommunications and radio frequency technology used in mobile and wireless systems.

Silicon Technology - Classic technology renewed

Our expertise to build advanced device structures in silicon – the most widely-used material for electronic devices – is at your disposal. We have refined our process skills to perfection. Furthermore, we can combine silicon with other materials, primarily germanium and carbon, to meet the ever-increasing demands on device performance, e.g. for high frequency applications. We have developed highly specialized processes to allow for the fabrication of novel devices for integrated optoelectronics on silicon substrates.

Compound Semiconductor Technology - New materials with high potential

We offer our resources within the widely diversified field of compound semiconductors. The art of forming complex device structures using crystal growth techniques has over the years been developed to perfection. We are leaders in this field and offer world-class processes for the conventional optoelectronic materials based on gallium arsenide and indium phosphide,in addition to the wide bandgap materials gallium nitride and silicon carbide. Our applications cover the entire range, from high speed optoelectronics and electronics to high power and high temperature devices.

Nano Fabrication Technology - On an atomic scale

Nano fabrication is handicraft on an atomic scale. We offer you expertise that stretches the frontiers and enlarges the potential of microfabrication technology into the still unexplored fields of nanometer dimensions where entirely new possibilities arise. We develop this new discipline by improving successful device solutions and developing novel inventive device concepts, in which the atomic scale and quantum effects are harnessed. Here we present only a few of our tools and skills. Please contact us for further information.

Practical information

The Electrum Laboratory is open for all academic and commercial users. We offer both access to our process lines and characterization tools, and the possibility to rent your own cleanroom lab space. We are also interested in collaboration projects. Please contact us for further information.

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