Imaging facility at Stockholm University (IFSU)

Imaging facility at Stockholm University (IFSU)

IFSU is a Core Facility for light- and electron-microscopy at Stockholm University. It offers services to users of advanced imaging at Stockholm University as well as from other institutions; provides hands-on training and advice for experimental set up and guidance to the most suitable instrument to solve a specific imaging problem. 


The following instruments are available at IFSU:

  • Confocal microscopes; LSM 780, LSM 800 Airyscan, LSM 510 META (Zeiss)TIRF/wide field fluorescence microscope, Axio Observer (Zeiss)
  • Wide field Fluorescence microscope; CELL OBSERVER equipped for live cell imaging and microinjection (Zeiss)
  • Inverted fluorescence microscope DM IRB (Leica)
  • Inverted fluorescence microscope DMi8 (Leica)
  • Transmission electron microscope, TECNAI G2 Spirit Bio TWIN, 120 kV (FEI Company)
  • Workstations with the following software, SlideBook (3i), Imaris (Bitplane), ZEN black and Zen blue (Zeiss) for image processing 

Practical information

For more details about the instruments and for rules, booking and fees, please visit our home page;


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