Innovation Akademiska

Innovation Akademiska

Innovation Akademiska helps companies get access to Uppsala University Hospital. We specialize in medical devices and facilitate concept evaluations, usability and prototype testing and clinical trials for development of safe and efficient medical devices.


Innovation Akademiska is the unit for development of innovations in healthcare at Uppsala University Hospital. Our mission is to create an arena for employees and industry to develop and verify new concepts, products and services. We specialize in medical devices and facilitate:

  • Concept evaluations
  • Usability and prototype testing
  • Clinical evaluations

Uppsala University Hospital is a goldmine for product development. Meetings with patients and staff often give rise to ideas that can lead to better and more efficient products. Access to healthcare environment and users early in the development process is effective for shortening the development time and achieve commercial success. In practice this means that requirements can be validated to confirm that a proposed product fulfills a need or that the design is discussed to ensure that the product is user friendly. Uppsala University Hospital also has the prerequisites to develop the clinical data necessary to show that a product meets regulatory requirements set for safety and efficacy.

Innovation Akademiska was established in 2008 and works with innovation management within the hospital as well as providing companies access to the hospital. We have extensive networks within the hospital as well as long experience of product development, project management, regulatory requirements and innovation management. Innovation Akademiska is part of the University hospital's long-term ambition to be: the Innovative hospital.


  • Concept evaluation
  • Prototype and usability testing
  • Clinical evaluation

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