KI Biobank

KI Biobank

A national biobank for collection, handling and storage of human biological material is established at Karolinska Institutet. This non-commercial resource aims to promote scientific excellence within molecular and genetic research in Sweden.


KI Biobank is a non commercial core facility for academic and health care-related research. KI Biobank has been established as a state of the art facility with automated technology designed to ensure sample security and long-term control and distribution of human biological material and data for academic research. The central chain of functions are receiving, processing, storing, retrieving and tracking biological samples. Biobank Informatics is a central part since all functions are fully dependent on appropriate computerized support.

Ethical issues and sound scientific principles will be emphasized in the performance of the biobank activities. The concept is that material should be made available on collaboration basis, thus promoting scientific excellence within molecular and genetic research in Sweden.


Services provideded:

  • Guidance on sample handling including system for sample identification and coding
  • Guidance on database design, data registration and data security
  • A complete IT integration and the establishment of the necessary infrastructure for communication between organizations involved in new prospective studies.
  • Study designed referral forms including barcodes for sample collection
  • Premises for sampling of specimens that requires the assistance of medical personnel.
  • Lab service including protocols for handling different specimens such as serum, plasma and buffy coat and cells for genomics, proteomics and metabolomics ­- Robotized procedures for aliquoting serum and plasma
  • High-throughput DNA extraction
  • Long-term storage in - 80°C or in liquid nitrogen
  • Sample withdrawal including DNA in a 96-well format

Practical information

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