Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

ITM is specialised in environmental organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry and animal physiology, biogeochemistry and atmospheric chemistry and physics (including indoor air).


ITM at Stockholm University with its approx. 140 employees is one of largest research institutes in Scandinavia in the areas of applied external and internal environmental research. ITM is multidisciplinary in its research and teaching, with a focus on society's impact on natural systems and processes.

ITM brings together various natural science disciplines such as chemistry, biology, physics, geoscience, and atmospheric science. The research and teaching encompass the transport, fate and biological effects of environmental pollutants and trace substances, including the development and use of chemical, biological and physical methods as well as numerical models. ITM also provides external expert support to Swedish environmental authorities.

The research in environmental toxicology and chemistry of the department is wide, covering all from identification and quantification various pollutants in various complex matrixes (products, food, soil, water, air and organisms) to validating possible effects of these pollutants on humans and the environment using various screening techniques (behavioural, reproductive, enzymatic or genetic).


At ITM we house a large number of instruments in different laboratories. We have an environmental organic and inorganic chemistry laboratory equipped with a large number of instruments (GC-MS, LC-MS (TOF), ICP-MS etc.). The environmental toxicology laboratory is set up for behavioural, reproductive, enzymatic or genetic end points using fish and evertebrates. Please check our website to find further information about the research conducted at our department.

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