Live Cell Imaging facility - LCI

Live Cell Imaging facility - LCI

The Live Cell Imaging facility offers to researchers a unique set of top-of-the-line equipment for light microscopy, tailor-made trainings and expertise in confocal, widefield, multiphoton and super resolution imaging, as well as software, training and expertise in image analysis. The Live Cell Imaging was awarded the label Nikon Center of Excellence in January 2014.


The Live Cell Imaging facility is a large confocal imaging platform located in Novum, Flemingsberg, at the KI Department of Biosciences and Nutrition.

We offer:

  • Seven fully motorized confocal or widefield systems, all equipped with full size incubators for live cell imaging
  • A laser microdissection system with cell picker
  • Top-of-the-line equipment for specialized imaging:

o Super resolution STORM

o   Lifetime imaging for FLIM-FRET

o   Spectral detections to spectrally separate many colors

o   Two photon microscopy for thick samples

o   Spinning disk confocal and resonance scanners for fast imaging

o Widefield for Ultra fast imaging

o   Software module for imaging screens with high number of samples and integrated automated image analysis

o   Software for automated, semi-automated and manual image analysis in 3D and time



At the Live Cell Imaging unit, you will also enjoy:

  • Advanced microscopy trainings tailored towards your own sample and experiment
  • Expertise in sample preparation and microscopy in multiple dimensions (multi positions, z stacks, time lapse, multi colors, multiwell plates…)
  • Expert consultancy on how to improve the images you acquire on your microscope
  • Expertise in automated or manual image analysis

Practical information

Sylvie Le Guyader, Manager LCI

All researchers in the academy are invited to join regardless of their affiliation. Please check our website for fees.

We also welcome industrial partners. Please contact us for pricing.


Interested in Industry collaboration
Novum, Hälsovägen 7, lift G, Floor 6
14157 Huddinge
+46 (0)73 733 5008