MediGelium AB

MediGelium AB

MediGelium AB provides services within the specialist fields of liquid and semisolid pharmaceutical formulations and applied surface and colloid chemistry, as well as services related to the filing of new patent applications on novel formulations.


MediGelium AB provides, through Dr. Anders Carlsson, services within the specialist fields of i) pharmaceutical development of topical, oral and parenteral formulations and ii) applied surface and colloid chemistry. The company’s expertise is particularly related to formulation of poorly soluble drug compounds and development and utilization of lipid-based drug delivery systems, e.g., oily solutions, emulsions and liposomes. The company also has long experience of generating data for new patent applications and taking part in the drafting of patent specifications. The company was founded in 1991 and has since 2002 been providing formulation services on a regular basis, both in the form of scientific advice and actual performance, to numerous small and medium-sized biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Sweden and other Nordic countries.

Difficult drugs

Many pharmaceutical compounds have a low or insignificant solubility in water and/or have an insufficient bioavailability. Others may have problems with poor aqueous stability. A solution to these problems could be the use of lipid-based formulations, such as self-emulsifying oily liquids, emulsions and liposomes. MediGelium has long experience of using polar and non-polar lipids as excipients in pharmaceutical development work.

Novel dosage forms, novel routes of administration

Polar lipids and other suitable excipients for drug delivery can be used for the reformulation of drugs, e.g., from capsules to solutions or from parenteral to oral administration. MediGelium has extensive knowledge and hands-on experience of designing improved liquid and semisolid pharmaceutical formulations, which guarantee efficient service. In addition to lipids, the company has a vast knowledge of using other pharmaceutical excipients, such as water-soluble polymers, surfactants and cyclodextrins.

New and/or extended patent protection

Innovative solutions to problematic drugs give excellent opportunities for new or extended patent protection. Anders Carlsson is the inventor/co-inventor of 33 patents/patent applications within the field and is very well acquainted with patent work.


Our services are:

  • Development of liquid and semisolid formulations - planning, execution, and reporting;
  • Physicochemical characterisation of resulting formulations - planning, execution, coordination with any third party performing additional characterisation, and reporting;
  • Preparation of formulations for preclinical testing;
  • Patent work, including providing opinion on prior art, generation of experimental data, and preparation of patent specifications.

Quality assurance

The development work substantially conforms to current good laboratory and development practices.

Practical information

Laboratory work may be performed in-house at Karolinska Institutet Science Park, Nobels väg 3, Solna, or at the client’s premises. Please contact Anders Carlsson for more information.

Additional information

MediGelium is a co-owner of Lipidor AB, a drug delivery company focusing on the fields of topical (external) medication and skin treatment. The company´s new patent protected sprayable and lipid based formulation, AKVANO – easy to use and with excellent cosmetic properties – creates opportunities to develop medicinal products with significant commercial potential. For more information, see

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