Morphologic Phenotype Analysis

Morphologic Phenotype Analysis

The core facility Morphologic Phenotype Analysis (MPA, a.k.a. FENO) specializes in histopathology of mice and other experimental animals including fish. We combine internationally recognized animal pathology expertise with documented experience in biomedical experimentation to offer guidance at necropsy, histotechnical service, and pathology support, separate or in combination. Experience with different species at all these levels is foremost among our strengths.


The Morphologic Phenotype Analysis core facility was established in 2002 with support of WCN, upon recognition of a need for species specific knowledge for experimental and comparative pathology, not in the least for the informed analysis of genetically modified model organisms. Our pathologist is ECVP certified, and all personnel are thoroughly familiar with requirements for the study of (histo)pathology in experimental setups for studies addressing genetically engineered models, infection models, therapeutic efficacy, and (environmental)toxicology. Currently a modest unit, we have workbench experience, genuine scientific engagement, and are happy to offer supportive suggestions for experimental design up front.


Necropsy, pathology, histopathology support

Tissue processing, sectioning, staining including immunohistochemistry on both paraffin and frozen sections

Brightfield, fluorescence and digital microscopy methods, and photographic registration


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