is a service providing an IT tool and support for cohort building carried out in close collaboration with The services include study participant management, communication tracking, automatic messaging/reminders (e-mail/SMS), meeting reservations, tools for managing participants, study customized web page with information to participants and the public, also enabling secure login for study participants handling visit reservations, questionnaires and personal feedback. provides you with LIMS services for managing e.g. sample collection and electronic referrals.

Description is an IT tool for cohort building that is being used by large Swedish cohort studies such as LifeGene and EpiHealth. LifeGene invested in development of an advanced IT service platform supporting data capture, storage, study administration and information security with focus on low maintenance. The Swedish Research Council (VR) has awarded a 3-year grant, with prof. Jan-Eric Litton as PI, to expand this IT platform to become a national IT tool for cohort building to be used also by other studies and research initiatives. The work is being carried out in close collaboration with

The services provided by include study participant management, with communication tracking, automatic messaging and reminders by e-mail and SMS, meeting reservations and tools for managing your participants throughout the study. The services also enable your study to easily set up your own custom web page with information to participants and to the public, with possibility for your study participants to log in securely and make reservations for visits, fill in web questionnaires, and receive personal feedback from you. Furthermore, provides you with basic LIMS services for managing sample collection, electronic referrals and more.


Study web page

The study web page consists of public information including newsfeed and blogging and a “My page” (for each participant) with questionnaires, bookings and result feedback for each study participant. The participant authentication is currently done with SMS login verification but will soon implement e-identification.

Participant and study management (CRM system)

In the customer relations management (CRM) system of the study administrators can define and view information about participants, follow up on activities for participants, e.g. visits and questionnaires, define rules for automatic messaging, e.g. meeting reminders etc. The study decide themselves what information they want to capture about the study participants.

Web questionnaires

The web questionnaires of are available through the “My page” on the study web page and have and advanced questionnaire outline and layout with conditional branching allowing specific sub-questions to be shown/hidden depending on previous answers. There is also a possibility for using images as reply options (which can be good for children).

Biosample collection

A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is built into for sample management (e.g. traceability (sample barcode issue/registration)) and instrument integration (capture data from analysis instruments automatically and Sample handling with robot communication).

Data warehouse and reporting

A data ware house for reporting and data analysis is currently under development estimated to be in place Q2 2015. Data stored from the various applications will be uploaded to the warehouse and displayed to the users. It will be possible to create custom reports and dashboards for study management and to extract study administrative data to CSV/Excel or other formats. It will also be possible to share study meta-data (in a so called “showroom”) to other researchers in order to facilitate collaborations between research groups.

Practical information

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