NatMeg is the Swedish national facility for magnetoencephalography (MEG). The scientific aim of the NatMEG unit is to establish a national core-facility for MEG within the Swedish Bioimaging Network in order to strengthen he international competitiveness of Swedish Cognitive Neuroscience. The method has not been available in Sweden previously so that especially the time resolution of the MEG method combined with its localization power provides an additional dimension for functional brain research for all groups that already work with fMRI.

NatMEG is a research facility dedicated to scientific excellence in any field of research. Our research projects reflect the diversity of questions that can be addressed with MEG. NatMEG is equipped with state-of-the-art stimulus and response equipment, allowing research on anything from visual, tactile and auditory processing, to memory, language and executive control.

NatMEG is unique in its strong focus on precision timing of its stimulus equipment, in particular visual and auditory stimulation.

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