Polymer services

Polymer services

The Polymer Chemistry division at the Ångström Laboratory provides expertise in polymer science, materials chemistry, and related applications in biology and medicine. Our current research focus is on biodegradable synthetic polymers, injectable hydrogels, and drug delivery applications. Our multi-disciplinary team, state-of-the art facilities, and academy-industry as well as academy-hospital collaborations enable us with the necessary tools for translational research in diverse areas.


We are a multi-disciplinary research group covering areas of design and evaluation of new materials all the way to their clinical application and commercialization efforts. Special emphasis is given to tissue regeneration and drug delivery where new materials are synthesized and evaluated in vitro and in vivo. Specific applications include regeneration of bone, cartilage, neural repair, soft tissue regeneration in urology and the treatment of diabetes. 


Bench wet chemistry, glove-box techniques, large-scale polymer synthesis, prototype creation, NMR, DSC, TGA, rheology, FT-IR, mechanical testing, UV-VIS, cell culture, optical and fluorescence microscopy, and various in vitro cell biology assays.

Practical information 

Our multi-disciplinary team can help you with your needs from traditional routine analysis to design and early development of materials and methods. We serve all industry or research group with interest in polymer science and biomaterials competence.
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