Regional Biobank Centre (RBC) in Uppsala-Örebro region

Regional Biobank Centre (RBC) in Uppsala-Örebro region

Regional Biobank Center Uppsala/Örebro is a common resource for the counties in our health care region Dalarna, Gävleborg, Södermanland, Uppsala, Värmland, Västmanland and Örebro. We take care of issues involved in biobank law and we act as a central support for the counties’ biobank coordinators, healthcare providers, researchers, pharmaceutical companies and the public. This is done for example by providing information and administrating the management of certain multi-center studies.

Assurance of quality

The county councils/regions have developed common procedures for how the law should be applied in respect of e.g. roles and responsibilities, quality records for biobanks and principles for access to the biobank samples, and contract templates. The developed information material is managed and updated by the National biobank advisory board.

Practical information

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