RNAi High-throughput Screening (HTS) Facility

RNAi High-throughput Screening (HTS) Facility

The purpose of the RNAi Cell Screening facility is to provide access to micro plate based high throughput RNAi screens in cells for the Swedish scientific community. RNAi mediated inhibition of gene expression is a powerful tool for mapping genes and their function. The facilities have presently two human genome wide RNAi libraries.


RNAi High-throughput Screening Facility is a cell screening facility established at the SciLifeLab - Stockholm site in 2010, located at the Karolinska Institute campus Solna. The facility is open to projects that are interested in doing a cellular screen with RNAi or small molecules. Presently we are three FTEs which together have more than 40 years of experience of academic and industrial drug development and research. Together we have long expertise in cell cultivation, in vitro toxicology, pre-clinical issues and assays, drug screens, drug metabolism and biochemical assays.

We do our work at an industrial pharma R&D standard using SOPS, electronical note books and LIMS to support and document our work.


Liquid handling PerkinElmer Janus 3 head robot equipped with stackers, Biotec plate washer, 4 channel PerkinElmer Flexdrop and a PerkinElmer Envision plate reader.

A roboticed LABCYTE Echo550 dispensor for non-contact dispensing and dispensing of very small volumes (nl).

We also have a room dedicated to cell culture and cell culture equipment.

Practical information

For more information please visit our website: RNAi Cell Screening Facility at SciLifeLab.

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