Uppsala Array Platform

Uppsala Array Platform

Uppsala array platform is a core facility that supports users who want to answer biomedical questions using large-scale molecular data. We analyze samples using Affymetrix DNA microarrays. We also provide bioinformatic support and develop new tools to facilitate data analysis.



Uppsala Array Platform is an array core facility providing expertise on microarray analyses for researchers and the health care system.

We provide microarray based services including copy number, genotyping and gene expression analysis using Affymetrix technology. We offer all types of services from the initial consultation, performing the complete array experiments to analyzing the results. Additional bioinformatic support for fee can be offered to further analyze the results.

We also focus on developing bioinformatic tools to answer specific biomedical questions. We have developed tools for identifications of non-coding RNA and of copy-number changes in cancer samples.

The core facility is a collaboration between Uppsala University and the Akademiska laboratory.


Affymetrix Gene Chip System 3000 7G and bioinformatic support.

Example of a project
When starting up a new project we offer you initial consultation which could consist of everything from designing the experiment to explaining the different arrays etc. Since we apply technologies from Affymetrix we are able to provide analysis for all types of applications available for RNA and DNA profiling research.

Please see additional information on available arrays from Affymetrix.

Microarray analysis
The recommended sample amount depends on chosen method. Please inquire for accurate information. We can help you with evaluation of RNA quality using Agilent Bioanalyzer. If the quality is good we begin the experiment.

Bioinformatic support
A standard bioinformatic support is included for all projects (quality control, significance testing etc). If additional support is required we also supply a support service for further data analysis.

Practical information

For further information about Uppsala Array Platform please turn to our website www.medsci.uu.se/klinfarm/arrayplatform.

Contact information
You are always welcome to contact us. Our contact information is found here.


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