Uppsala Clinical Research Center (UCR)

Uppsala Clinical Research Center (UCR)

UCR is a center of competence in clinical research- and trials, quality registries and biobanking, working in close collaboration with researchers from many different areas. We offer everything from consultation and support efforts in specific limited areas to complete solutions for major multicenter studies; unique interactive technologies and service for quality registries; epidemiological and statistical services; core facilities; and unique and complete service for biobanking.


UCR's mission is to serve those who work with clinical research, clinical trials, and quality development. With us you will have direct access to all support methods needed to get projects up and running quickly. UCR relieves you of many time-consuming tasks, enhancing quality and making work done by you and your associates more efficient.

UCR offers assistance with all components of a clinical trial/parts of trials. Services are provided in compliance with ICH-GCP (International Conference of Harmonization - Good Clinical Practice) and relevant legislation and guidelines. Full confidentiality guaranteed in assignments undertaken. Our project managers have experience from the drug/medical technology industry, CROs, and the University. UCR has worked with projects in cardiovascular disease, internal medicine, orthopedics, obstetrics, rheumatology, kidney disease, physiology, odontology, nutrition, cancer, ear, nose and throat disease, infection, and psychology.

UCR is a Center of Excellence for National Quality Registries under the National Board of Health and Welfare. The main mission is to develop, operate, and improve national quality registries and to deepen the analysis and reporting from these registries. Currently, UCR hosts approximately 20 quality registries.

The UCR group for epidemiology and biostatistics provides service for, and collaborates with, researchers working with large cohorts and registries. Moreover we provide consultations for all sorts of statistical issues and courses in epidemiology and biostatistics.


UCR Laboratory is an academic platform for analysis of biomarkers in plasma from both national and international clinical studies. The laboratory is equipped with modern analytical instruments of high capacity and provides a wide spectrum of biochemical analyzes.

Uppsala Biobank provides a stable infrastructure that promotes successful research on biobank samples and ensures that the laws and regulations that govern activities involving biobank samples are met.

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