Core Facilities


BARCdb is a freely available web resource of analytical technology services and products used in biomedical research, listing expertise and molecular resource capabilities available at research centres and biotech companies. Initially focused on service providers in the Nordic region, BARCdb is currently being extended to the rest of Europe.
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Biobank Sweden

Biobank Sweden (previously the National Biobank Council and is a cooperation agency for county councils and regions and universities with faculties within medicine on biobank issues. Biobank Sweden includes representatives from industry organizations as well as patient organizations. Biobank Sweden's role is, among other things, to further develop a joint, improved and long-term sustainable national biobanks infrastructure for health care, academia and business with the best conditions for both national and international cooperation. Biobank Sweden is supported by the Swedish municipalities and county councils.
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Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis (BEA)

BEA- the core facility for Bioinformatics and Expression Analysis is focused on genomic analysis based on the Affymetrix, Agilent and Illumina platforms for microarray analysis. This includes gene expression and RNA splicing analysis, global DNA-binding and transcriptome analysis, epigenetic analysis including DNA-methylation and miRNA analysis and genome wide SNP and CNV analysis. We also run quantitative real-time PCR using the ABI platform.
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BioMS is a nationally distributed infrastructure for biological mass spectrometry and proteomics wherein each site offers specialized analytical techniques that the Swedish life science community demands. Biological mass spectrometry is an indispensable tool for molecular researchers in biology and medicine and BioMS provide expertise within; glycomics, glycoproteomics, HDX, targeted Proteomics, proteogenomics, chemical Proteomics, quantitative Clinical Peptidomics and lipidomics. The national infrastructure BioMS is distributed at three sites, Lund ; Gothenburg and Stockholm.
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Centre for Genetic Physiology

The core facility/platform provides resources and service for physiological characterization of normal and genetically modified mice. A focus is on cardiovascular studies of living conscious animals and on in vitro examination of isolated cardiac and vascular tissue.
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