Core Facilities

Biobank Sweden

Biobank Sweden (previously the National Biobank Council and is a cooperation agency for county councils and regions and universities with faculties within medicine on biobank issues. Biobank Sweden includes representatives from industry organizations as well as patient organizations. Biobank Sweden's role is, among other things, to further develop a joint, improved and long-term sustainable national biobanks infrastructure for health care, academia and business with the best conditions for both national and international cooperation. Biobank Sweden is supported by the Swedish municipalities and county councils.
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Proteomics Biomedicum

Proteomics Biomedicum is the proteomics core facility at KI located at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics providing services using best available proteomics techniques and methods with focus on quantitative proteomics, both label-free and multiplexed TMT-labeling.
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Stockholm University Malaria/Mosquito Facility, SUMF

SUMF is biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) facility for the containment malaria (P3**). It one of few facilities in Europe where it is possible to propagate mosquito vectors and also experimentally infect them with parasites. The facility consists of two closely located areas; an insectary for infected and non-infected mosquitoes, and a laboratory for culturing human asexual forms and the gametocyte forms infecting mosquitoes. In addition a laboratory for single cell microscopy has recently been added within the the Imaging Facility at SU (IFSU).
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