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World Courier Insights

World Courier has a long experience experience in transport logistics around the globe and many of the deliveries are relevant for the life science community. The long term experience of World Courier is gathered in Insights covering interesting reads or videos relating to clinical trial logistics, orphan drugs cell and gene therapy and more.


TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2017, 24-26 September in Prague, is the third bi-annual conference organized by EATRIS (EUROPEAN ADVANCED TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH INFRASTRUCTURE). This event, open to a wide range of stakeholders (pharma industry, academia, research funders), will bring together experts and key actors in translational research, to discuss current approaches and future perspectives in the field.

KI Facility Expo 2017

On February 14, the KI Facility Expo 2017 will take place for the first time. This is the first university-wide facility fair arranged at Karolinska Institutet offering the attending delegates to meet representatives of KI affiliated facilities and learn mor they might be of help in your research. The Expo is open for all, requires no registration and free of charge.