Support Resources

BILS - Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Life Sciences

BILS (Bioinformatics Infrastructure for Life Sciences) is a distributed national research infrastructure supported by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) providing bioinformatics support, training and infrastructure to life science researchers in Sweden. We have expertise in genomics, proteomics, biostatistics as well as large scale computing and big data analysis. BILS courses and services are available not only to the academia, but also to private companies.
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Drug Discovery and Development Platform

The Drug Discovery and Development Platform was established at SciLifeLab in 2013, as a national Swedish infrastructure for academic drug discovery and development. We support integrated drug discovery and development projects utilizing the facilities and expertise within the platform – which represent a minimal toolbox for early drug discovery. We also offer services from the individual facilities in projects related to drug discovery and development to the Swedish research community.
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Innovation Akademiska

Innovation Akademiska helps companies get access to Uppsala University Hospital. We specialize in medical devices and facilitate concept evaluations, usability and prototype testing and clinical trials for development of safe and efficient medical devices.
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EU Support Office

SMEs in life science can get free support and guidance in the application procedure from SwedenBIO EU Support Office. EU Support office is a joint initiative between SwedenBIO and VINNOVA. Read more on the website.

Gothia Forum

Gothia Forum, a unit within the Västra Götaland region, works as a meeting point and voluntary resource for everyone working with clinical research in the region. Gothia Forum offers services throughout the entire research process such as project management, feasibility, biobanking, legal advice and quality support and further more functions as a contact point for clinical studies, research collaborations as well as life science development in west Sweden.